Simple tips to keep your Macbook secure from online threats  10/23/2020 17:12:57 

Nothing matters more than data protection for computer users these days. As hacking attacks increase in numbers and sophistication, you need to go the extra mile to protect your data from being hacked, stolen, or corrupted.

Weak passwords, unattended computers, and poor information management practices often make your system vulnerable to attacks.

While steering clear of these habits could help to some extent, but you cannot rely on them completely. Thankfully, you have an upper hand if you use a Macbook because it has some reliable in-built security features as compared to Windows.

But that isnt enough to ignore the apprehension of hacking risks. No device is impenetrable, so you need to have a strategy in place. Here are some actionable ideas you can try to make your Macbook hack-resistant.

Avoid reading mail or surfing using the administrator account

You may simply feel too lazy to switch between accounts for everyday tasks such as reading emails and surfing the internet with your Mac device, but this practice can translate into a serious risk. It is vital to create a non-administrator user and stick to this account for regular tasks. Make sure that you log in with an administrator account only when performing system administration tasks.

Manage Account Settings

A little effort with the Account Settings of your Mac can take you a long way when it comes to keeping it safe from hackers. First things first, you need to disable Automatic Login so that no one can access the device in your absence.

If the setting is not done, the system only has to be started up to access its files and data. Secondly, disabling Guest Account and Sharing is also a good idea to secure your Macbook from unauthorized access.

Use software updates

Applying the latest software updates for your Macbook is extremely crucial because they keep your machine protected from hacking attacks and vulnerabilities. Each update brings security patches and improvements, so the system becomes stronger when you have them running.

As a dual benefit, updates also speed up your Macbook. It is an opportunity that no user should miss out so go ahead and update as soon as it is there.

Configure and use both firewalls

MacBook comes with two firewalls by default: the IPFW Packet-Filtering Firewall and the Application Firewall. The latter limits the programs that can receive incoming connections. Fortunately, you can configure the Application Firewall easily.

Conversely, configuring the IPFW Firewall needs some technical expertise. But ensuring that you use both of them can keep the Macbook protected from hackers.

Set Safari preferences

One of the concerns with Safari usage is that it opens some files by default. Hackers could take advantage of this behavior and attack your system. It is best to set Safari preferences by disabling Open safe files after downloading.

Also, disable Safaris Java to minimize the attack surface of the browser. It may take some effort, but it is worthwhile considering that you have considerable coverage from hacking risks.

Making your Macbook secure from hacking attacks can make things less stressful any day. While these steps would help, you can seek professional guidance to be sure. More security tips on Macbook are available here.

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