Seth Rogen admits sense of deja vu watching Trump-Kim summit  6/14/2018 5:36:04 PM  2

"I didn't think the vain, egocentric talk-show host character" that winds up meeting with Kim Jong Un "would be the president of the United States, but it seems like a possible dynamic nonetheless," Rogen said.

"It's a little much how on point it is," Goldberg added.

James Franco and Seth Rogan in 'The Interview'

In the aforementioned Vulture interview, Rogen expressed regret that he had played along with Sony's request that the filmmakers pretend as if they were naive about the possible fallout from the movie and North Korea's negative reaction to it.

"They wanted us to act like we were just trying to make a silly comedy and didn't know we were making something controversial," he said. "They were asking us to look like these dumb stoner filmmakers who just happened to make a movie about Kim Jong Un without really thinking about it. Like, we had no idea North Korea might be mad!"

Sony ultimately canceled the release of "The Interview," citing security concerns after threats were leveled against the movie and some theater owners balked at showing it.
"Preacher" -- the horror-comedy, which has also engendered controversy due to its depiction of Jesus -- will return for its third season on June 24.
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