Security breach: Woman unknowingly brings gun and bullets onto Delta flight to Japan  01/12/2019 17:20:00 

Published time: 12 Jan, 2019 17:20 Edited time: 12 Jan, 2019 17:20

Security breach: Woman unknowingly brings gun and bullets onto Delta flight to Japan

In a worrying and awkward story for airport security, a woman managed to board a flight from the US to Japan whilst packing a handgun and some bullets.

The woman, who swears she didn’t know she was carrying the lethal weapon, realized she had her gun on her during the flight, after she had managed to get through airport security in Atlanta International Airport on January 4, Japan Times reports.

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She alerted Delta cabin crew as soon as she realized and the staff took her weapon and ammo for safekeeping for the rest of the flight from Atlanta to Narita airport near Tokyo.

The woman was refused entry to Japan and got a flight back to the States later that day.

A similar incident took place at Narita airport on December 14, when, during a security inspection, an American co-pilot was found to be in possession of live bullets.

Following the two mishaps, Japan’s transport ministry asked US transportation security authorities to take preventative measures to ensure no more “serious incidents,” occur.

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Bizarrely, yet another similar incident involving bullets and a Japanese airport took place in July 2017.

An American woman in her 60s arrived at Tokyo’s International Haneda Airport and realized she had 100 bullets in her bag. Although she threw them in the bin, she was arrested for violating Japan’s Firearm And Sword Control Law.

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