Saudi Teen Who Fled Family Begins Settling in Canada  01/12/2019 17:56:00   Jacquie McNish and Jacquie McNish The Wall Street Journal BiographyJacquie McNish @jacquiemcnish Kim Mackrael Kim Mackrael The Wall Street Journal BiographyKim Mackrael @kimmackrael

TORONTO—A young Saudi woman at the center of a dramatic standoff at a Bangkok airport hotel after fleeing her family and renouncing Islam touched down Saturday in Canada, her new home after the Liberal government here offered her refugee status.

Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun, 18, was smiling as she entered the arrival lobby at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport wearing a gray Canada sweatshirt and a blue baseball cap bearing the logo of the United Nations refugee agency. She was accompanied by Canada Foreign Minister Chrystia...

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