Samsung to launch cheaper 5G smartphones this year  03/26/2020 14:13:00 
Samsung expects the demand for 5G chipsets to increase in the coming months, even though smartphone sales slowed down in the last weeks due to coronavirus outbreak. Nevertheless, the South Korean company plans to launch more 5G smartphones throughout the year, and not all of them will be flagships.Apart from the Galaxy S20 series, Samsung is expected to launch yet another 5G smartphone very soon, the Galaxy A71, which we already told you about early this week. Now have information about another 5G-enabled phone that will be even cheaper than the upcoming Galaxy A71.

The unannounced Galaxy A51 5G recently appeared on Samsung's support website with the same codename that was listed on Geekbench not long ago: SM-A516N. The Galaxy A51 5G is likely to feature the same specs as the regular model, plus 5G support.

One other thing that will differentiate the two Galaxy A51 models is that the 5G variant will be powered by the Exynos 980 chipset, Samsung's SoC that features 5G support.

Since the phone has already appeared in South Korea, chances are that Samsung will make the Galaxy A51 5G official very soon. We're very curious to see where the smartphone will be available and how much it will cost.


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