Samsung Galaxy S9 teaser video hints at what to expect from the camera  2/15/2018 4:20:35 PM   James Rogerson

Samsung’s just unleashed a new teaser video giving us a number of clues about what we can expect from the Samsung Galaxy S9’s camera.

The 30-second clip titled “The Camera. Reimagined” shows us lots of other things that are apparently also being reimagined.

These include emoji, which could be a reference to the rumored Animoji-like feature the Galaxy S9 might be getting.

There are also a various flashing lights and camera flash units, suggesting that too could be reimagined, though we’re not clear on how – perhaps the S9 will have more flash LEDs or a more powerful flash of some kind.

If it does, then that could also improve its low-light abilities, which is something else the teaser hints at by showing some darkened scenes. It also includes some short looping videos, a bit like a live photo or a GIF, so expect the S9 to do something along those lines too.

And there are a lot of selfies in the video, so the S9 might also excel in that area. Again, we’re not sure how though – perhaps a bokeh effect similar to the one offered by the iPhone X?

Some of the selfies also have quite a few people in them, which could suggest the S9 will have a wide-angle lens, and it will probably have an assortment of effects and stickers if this video is anything to go by.

The camera may even have a social side, with the video also including ‘hearts’ and ‘likes’, reminiscent of those on Facebook or Periscope.

There’s a lot to take in, and what any of it might mean is really just speculation for now, but Samsung is clearly putting a lot of focus on the camera, having already posted several other teaser videos about it.

For a full explanation of them we’ll only have to wait until the unveiling of the S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus on February 25, at which point the YouTube description boldly claims you can “forget everything you know about the camera.”

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