Samsung Galaxy Note 10 users are getting better weather data thanks to new partnership  09/16/2019 16:22:00 
Samsung has just announced it has teamed up with The Weather Channel to offer Galaxy Note 10 users better weather data. The announcement only mentions Galaxy Note 10 devices, which will have access to new features in Samsung Weather, including government-issued weather alerts, radar maps, and weather video clips from The Weather Channel editorial team.Thanks to the new changes, Note 10 users will also be able to connect directly to The Weather Channel's website to view real-time radar maps, allowing them to access high-resolution radar data. Moreover, users will receive government-issued weather alerts from the smartphone's weather widget on the home screen.

Although The Weather Channel has powered Samsung Weather across smartphones since the launch of the Galaxy S8, it's unclear whether or not the new changes will be available to older Samsung flagships.

In any case, The Weather Channel will remain the default weather data provider on select Samsung smartphones, so if you've had this service until now on your phone, you'll be able to access the same information going forward.

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