Russian scientists hope to begin HUMAN TESTING on Covid-19 vaccine within weeks, having tried it on themselves first  05/23/2020 12:59:47 

Russian scientists hope to begin HUMAN TESTING on Covid-19 vaccine within weeks, having tried it on themselves first

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The very same researchers who tested a Covid-19 vaccine on their own bodies say theyre hopefully weeks away from starting human trials. If everything goes smoothly, the sought-after cure may enter production by summers end.

A scientific task force from the Moscow-based National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology have already completed testing their coronavirus vaccine on animals, Alexander Ginzburg, the center’s director, told Russian media on Saturday. 

The pre-clinical tests on small animals and primates showed quite promising results, he revealed, saying the prototype appears to be efficient and safe. Now, the quest for the vaccine will move to the next stage, involving human trials – for which the researchers have to get government approval.

“I hope that we obtain this permission by June 15, as we’ve been planning, and begin clinical studies on the human population,” Gintsburg said. The center has already selected a pool of volunteers to proceed with the testing.

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While it is hard to foresee the results, it seems that the pioneers of Covid-19 vaccination won’t be exposed to a cat-in-the-sack substance. The center’s employees have already injected themselves to protect against the virus and to keep working during the pandemic, which has seen close to 336,000 Russians diagnosed with coronavirus and over 3,300 die from the contagion.

The unofficial trials were reportedly successful as they allowed the researchers to become immune and stay “alive, healthy and happy,” as Gintsburg put it this week.

If the whole process goes according to plan, Russia may start production of its vaccine by the end of this summer. However, the Covid-19 vaccination program will have to start small until production “multiplies,” the top scientist warned. In his opinion, frontline doctors and the elderly should be the first to get the vaccine.

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