Russell Wilson makes more than double Tom Bradys salary; how many teams pay their QB more than Patriots do?  04/17/2019 13:32:30   Nick O'Malley |

Russell Wilson became the latest NFL quarterback to leapfrog the pack to become the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL.

After setting a hard April 15 deadline with the Seattle Seahawks, Wilson reportedly agreed to a four-year, $140 million extension that will feature an average annual value of $35 million.

Thats a stark contrast to New England, where Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has long passed up the chance to take that highest-paid title.

Currently, Brady is in the final year of a two-year extension signed back in 2016 that pays him an average of $15 million per year. Relatively speaking, its one of the best bargains in the NFL. The Patriots have gotten a regular season MVP and a Super Bowl title from that contract, which ranks below the likes of Andy Dalton and Joe Flacco in terms of pay.

So, how many quarterbacks are making more money than Tom Brady right now? Heres a rundown of the leagues top QB contracts by average annual value:

(Contract numbers via Spotrac)

1. Russell Wilson (SEA): $35,000,000

2. Aaron Rodgers (GB): $33.500,000

3. Matt Ryan (ATL): $30,000,000

4. Kirk Cousins (MIN): $28,000,000

5. Jimmy Garoppolo (SF): $27,500,000

6. Matthew Stafford (DET): $27,000,000

T-7. Derek Carr (OAK): $25,000,000

T-7. Drew Brees (NO): $25,000,000

9. Andrew Luck (IND): $24,594,000

10. Alex Smith (WAS): $23,500,000

11. Joe Flacco (DEN): $22,133,333

12. Nick Foles (JAX): $22,000,000

13. Ben Roethlisberger: $21,850,000

14. Eli Manning (NYG): $21,000,000

15. Philip Rivers (LAC): $20,812,599

16. Cam Newton (CAR): $20,760,000

17. Andy Dalton (CIN): $16,000,000

18. Tom Brady (NE): $15,000,000

Brady is in the unusual position of being in a contract year heading into 2019. Typically, the Patriots have made an effort to keep their franchise quarterback locked up with at least an extra year left on his contract. But as he gets set to turn 42 heading into the 2019 season, Brady is in a unique position of still playing at a high level, but potentially being on the cusp of dropping off.

As things stand, Brady is underpaid. As for talks of an extension, Bill Belichick refused to address the topic. Meanwhile, Brady has been consistent in saying that he wants to play until hes 45. Or, if you listen to Alex Guerrero, you could start believing that number could go higher.

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