Rudy Gobert: Media Portrayed It Like I Caused The NBA To Shut Down  07/29/2020 15:17:00 

A tipping point in how the United States viewed COVID-19 came on the evening of March 11th when Rudy Gobert tested positive and the NBA responded by immediately suspending the season. Tom Hanks also tested positive for COVID-19 while in Australia on the same evening.

Shortly before his positive test, Gobert was caught on camera touching a table full of reporters’ microphones. 

“The media portrayed it like I caused the NBA to shut down,” said Gobert in an interview with Ben Golliver of the Washington Post. “Instead of saying that it’s a pandemic and Rudy Gobert tested positive. For a lot of people who don’t think further than what’s put in their faces, they really thought I brought the coronavirus to the United States.”

Gobert on Friday acknowledged that the video made him look like “someone who doesn’t care about other people’s safety or lives.”

Gobert tried to piece together how he contracted the virus, concluding that it likely happened in either New York, Boston or Detroit.

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