Rokus new free app lets you control your viewing with your Apple Watch  11/08/2019 20:56:23   Barbara Krasnoff
Apple Watch Roku Photo courtesy Roku

If youre constantly misplacing your Roku remote, you now have an alternative way to control your movies  right from your wrist. According to the Roku blog, there is now a free app available for the Apple Watch.

The Roku app looks, and works, very much like the iPhone and Android apps. It allows you to launch various Roku-based channels (listed in the order of most recently launched), control the cursor on your TV interface, play and pause your videos  in other words, work as an efficient remote control.

The new app even allows for voice control, so you can launch channels or find programs without having to tap your screen (as long as you are using an Apple Watch Series 1 through 5  it apparently doesnt work with the first-generation watch). And if you would rather use the actual remote, but cant remember where you put it, the app will make the remote chime so you can find it.

The new Roku app for the Apple Watch can be installed today from the updated iPhone app, version 6.1.3. (Note: According to Roku, you may need to manually install from the Watch app if automatic installs are turned off.)

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