Roku offers 30 free days of premium content for all your quarantine streaming  03/28/2020 00:53:00 
If youre one of the millions staying at home as much as possible, you probably find yourself with more time to watch TV and more interest in keeping up with the latest news. Roku announced their new Home Together initiative to help you kill two birds with one stone.

The program from Roku is an extension of their regular free trial, and it includes content from over 20 partners to provide free streaming for live news, family entertainment, fitness programs, and more.

The included free access is for channels like Showtime and Smithsonian, with select free content from Fox, NBC, and Disney, among others. The program is available for new subscribers, either through a Roku device, or with a supported TV with Roku built-in. Given the wide variety of content, the deal seems like a great proposition for those looking for some new options for streaming. Roku didnt specify if the deal has a specific termination date, but its expected to stick around at least until the coronavirus outbreak calms down.

Roku is only the latest company to offer special programs or services amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. Despite suffering decreased sales and halted productions, many companies are offering benefits for customers affected by the outbreak, with Apple waiving credit card interest, OnePlus extending warranties, and Verizon giving away free data, among many others.


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