‘RHONY’ cast member gets COVID-19, shutting down production

 pagesix.com  01/14/2021 19:23:19   Oli Coleman

They’ve got the cor-RHONY virus.

Page Six has learned that taping for “The Real Housewives of New York” has ground to a halt once more because someone on set has COVID-19. And this time, we’re told, it’s a member of the cast who’s been struck by the disease.

Production was scaled back in October because a crew member tested positive, and didn’t get back up to speed until there had been a two-week quarantine period.

Now we’re told that the show’s been hobbled again after a cast member got sick.

We’re aware of the their name, but we won’t identify them because they haven’t given us permission to do so. However, we’re told their symptoms are mild.

Insiders say that the news has infuriated cast and crew because they were preparing to go on a trip to Upstate New York, which would have marked the end of a grueling season of filming.

“Everyone’s pissed because now they have to wait another two weeks, then do the trip,” said an insider.

A source close to production told us, “The trip was canceled as part of the network’s strict safety protocols for cast and crew during COVID.”

A Bravo rep declined to comment.

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