Resident Evil Village gameplay reveal slated for next week  01/14/2021 17:49:21 

If you’ve been looking forward to Resident Evil Village, then you’ll definitely want to mark your calendars for next week. Capcom has revealed that it will be hosting a Resident Evil showcase next week which will offer a “guided tour” of the game. Among other things, this guided tour will feature our first glimpse at Resident Evil Village gameplay.

The showcase is set to begin on January 21st at 2:00 PM PST. Resident Evil producers will be on hand to talk about the game, and the showcase will be hosted by Brittney Brombacher of the What’s Good Games podcast. According to a tweet published by Capcom today, the showcase will include a new trailer for the game and “first-ever gameplay” along with “more Resident Evil news.”

Dont miss the #REShowcase on January 21st at 2:00 PM Pacific! Join Resident Evil producers and our host, Brittney Brombacher (@BlondeNerd), on a guided tour of Resident Evil Village, including a new trailer, first-ever gameplay, and more Resident Evil news!

— Resident Evil (@RE_Games) January 14, 2021

That list bit is interesting because it may suggest there’s more on tap than just Resident Evil Village. What that could be is anyone’s guess, and certainly, most people will be watching the showcase because they first and foremost want to see gameplay footage from Village. Perhaps we can hope for a surprise reveal at the end of the showcase? Only time will tell.

Resident Evil Village was first revealed last year during one of Sony’s PlayStation 5 showcases. Capcom has been relatively silent about the game since then, but we do know that it’ll also be releasing on Xbox Series X and PC in addition to PlayStation 5. So far, there’s been no announcement of an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 version of Resident Evil Village, suggesting that this is purely a next-gen game.

With Resident Evil Village slated to release sometime this year, it’s possible that we’ll also get a release date during next week’s showcase. Capcom’s showcase takes place a week from today, so if you’re a Resident Evil fan, be sure to set aside some time so you can tune in.

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