Reports: Jeffrey Epstein Trafficked Girls To His Private Island As Recently As 2018  01/15/2020 21:33:51 
Jeffrey Epstein's 2017 sex offender registry photo.

Jeffrey Epstein's 2017 sex offender registry photo.

New York State Sex Offender Registry via AP, File

Topline: A lawsuit filed Wednesday accused deceased financier Jeffrey Epstein of trafficking young women and girls to his private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands as recently as 2018`and keeping a computerized database to track them, according to multiple reports.

  • The New York Times, which first reported on the lawsuit, said that Epstein allegedly brought hundreds of young women and girls to his private island, named Little St. James.
  • In addition, Epstein allegedly kept a computerized database to track the womens and girls movements and whereabouts, the Times reported, citing the complaint.
  • Epstein and his associates were forced to organize a search party to locate a 15-year-old victim who attempted to swim off the island and, once she was found, withheld her passport to keep her there, according to the Associated Press, which cited the complaint. 
  • The lawsuit also alleges that Epstein used fake modeling visas in order to transport the women and girls to and from the Virgin Islands, and that local air traffic controllers witnessed Epstein debarking from his private plane with girls who appeared as young as 11.
  • Since Epstein is deceased, the suit was filed against his estate, with prosecutors seeking the forfeiture of Little St. James and a second island owned by Epstein (named Great St. James), in addition to the dissolution of shell companies they say were fronts for his alleged sex trafficking ring.

Crucial quote: The complaint speaks for itself and lays out allegations of a pattern and practice of human trafficking, sexual abuse and forced labor of young women and female children as young as 13 years old, Virgin Islands attorney general Denise N. George told reporters Wednesday.

Big number: $577.7 million. Thats how much Epsteins estate is reportedly worth, according to Reuters, and Georges lawsuit could erode a good portion of it`if a judge rules in her favor. 

Key background: Wednesdays lawsuit is the latest development in the stormy aftermath of Epsteins death by suicide in a Manhattan jail. Because he was no longer living, criminal charges had to be dropped against him. This prompted more than a dozen of Epsteins accusers to file civil claims against his estate for a chance at receiving financial compensation. According to the Times, Georges lawsuit is part of an effort to stop Epsteins executor, Darren K. Indyke, from turning the estate into a victims compensation fund. Indyke has indicated that should the compensation fund be formed, Epsteins accusers would be sworn to confidentiality, which would prevent them from speaking about their ordeals. 

Tangent: The lawsuit also claims that Epstein allowed illegal construction on Great Saint James, causing damage to the local wildlife and coral, according to the Times.

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