Report: Kyrie Irving causing real concern among people in NBA who know him  01/14/2021 05:28:01 

The Kyrie Irving saga rages on for the Brooklyn Nets, with a new twist seemingly surfacing every day or with even greater frequency. Now, word has surfaced that the enigmatic superstars conduct is quickly becoming a source of concern among those who know him well.

Irving missed his fourth consecutive game Tuesday due to the often cited but nevertheless mysteriouspersonal reasons. All signs point to Irvings absence stretching much longer than the Nets obviously would prefer. The prevailing belief is that he reportedly wont be back anytime soon.

According to Joe Vardon of The Athletic, there is now a real concern within the NBA about how the Irving situation will or will not resolve itself. Making matters worse, Vardon adds that few people inside the NBA know whats going on with Irving, adding another wrinkle to the ongoing drama.

Given how things have played out over the past week, its hardly surprising that the Nets are beginning to feel unhappy with Irving as things drag out, and it doesnt help that their contact with him is said to be minimal.

The ever-evolving situation also involves the NBAs current investigation into evidence of a maskless Irving allegedly attending a family celebration. Footage of said party surfaced on social media Monday night.

Then on Tuesday night, Irving participated in a video-call launch party for a candidate for Manhattan district attorney, per the New York Post. These events over the past few days come at the same time as Irving being reportedly off the grid when it comes to his interactions with the Nets.

It all adds up to a complete mess for the Nets. Irving is without question one of the most mercurial players in the NBA, not to mention one of the leagues most complex stars, which makes the situation that much more difficult to read.

Still, Kevin Durant insisted earlier this week that Nets players support Irving 100 percent despite the distractions, but one has to wonder how long that backing can hold up given how things continue to devolve in such a troubling manner.

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