'Ray Donovan' star Liev Schreiber has court date on charge of harassing photographer

 foxnews.com  8/12/2018 7:14:29 AM  2  Bradford Betz

Actor Liev Schreiber is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday for allegedly harassing a photographer in June.

Schreiber’s lawyer, Jonathan Ripps, confirmed the alleged incident took place, but maintained that the allegation “doesn’t rise to the level of any law being broken.”

Ripps said a photographer had been following the actor around a Nyack, N.Y., set during filming for the Showtime series “Ray Donovan,” the Journal News reported.

Ripps told the paper that Schreiber had pushed the photographer’s camera away after a flash went off in his face.

Schreiber was charged with second-degree harassment.

“We’ll be actively discussing it with the District Attorney’s Office and filling the motions to have it dismissed,” Ripps said, adding that Schreiber plans to plead not guilty, the New York Post reported.

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