UAE weather: Get those umbrellas out, rains forecast till Sunday  12/05/2019 00:01:00  4  Angel Tesorero /Dubai

Don't forget to bring an umbrella or a coat in the coming days as rain is expected across parts of the UAE until Sunday, causing a significant drop in temperature, a senior weather forecaster told Khaleej Times on Wednesday.

"The weather will be partly cloudy in general from Thursday and rain might fall over the sea and islands as well as northern andeastern areas, including parts of Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Khor Fakkan, Hatta, and Umm Al Quwain," said Ali Al Musallah, senior weather forecaster at the UAE'sNational Centre of Meteorology (NCM).

According to the NCM, the country is affected by an extension of surface low pressure system, associated with an upper air trough. The low pressure brings the air to riseand as it cools, water vapor condenses and forms clouds that produce rain. Troughs, which are long areas of low pressure, likewise can lead to rain, wind and other weather events.

On Wednesday, the NCM issued a weather alert for residents, warning them of rough sea, high waves and fresh winds. "The sea is rough due to the convective cloud formation associated with fresh winds reaching 45kmph at times, and wave height may reach seven feet offshore," the NCM said in a bulletin.

Al Musallahsaid there will be active cloud formation over eastern and northern regions of the UAE in the next three days, until Sunday.

Friday's forecast is partly cloudy in general and cloudy at times over the sea, islands and some east and northwards with a probability of rainfall. It will be humid at night and early morning with a possibility of mist or fog formation especially westwards.

The winds are freshening at times but may cause blowing dust, with a speed of 16 - 26 km/hr and reaching up to 40 km/hr especially over the sea.

Umbrellas or coats should be always ready as cloud formation will intensify on Saturday, bringing a higher chance of rainfall at nightespecially over the islands, northern and eastern areas, includingFujairah, Khor Fakkan, Hatta, Dubai, Sharjah and UAQ. Blowing dust and sand are expected to result in poor lateral visibility at times, with wind speed averaging between 20-35 km/hr and reaching 45 km/hr.

The formation of convective clouds and low pressure will continue as most part of the country, including the northern emirates,mountains of Ras Al Khaimah, and parts of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain,will experience rain ofdifferent intensityon Sunday.

Al Musalla said residents and tourists are advised to avoid going to the wadis as flash floods are likely to happen. Sunday is also not the best time for beachgoers and those who are planning of going on a cruise as it will be rough in the watersof Arabian Gulf and Oman Sea as winds are expected to reach between 45-50 km/hr at times.

Al Musalla, however, confirmed that there is no storm entering the country. "This is a normal weather condition brought by low pressure system as we are entering winter season. Also, we will experience beginning on Sunday at least a drop of four degrees in temperature," he further explained.

Angel Tesorero

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