Quirky Hickenlooper may represent sanity for Democrats

 washingtonexaminer.com  06/14/2019 12:31:31 

    • Noa Pothoven Instagram.jpg
      Earlier this year, Noa Pothoven, an anorexic and depressed Dutch girl, attempted to receive state-supported euthanasia. She was refused on account of her age, and decided to starve herself. The state, faced with a self-starving anorexic girl, decided to condone her actions and helped her die in palliative care.
    • Beto O'Rourke and Joe Biden-061419
      Former Rep. Beto ORourke, D-Texas, unloaded this week on 2020 front-runner Joe Biden, characterizing the former vice president as an antiquated relic from a less progressive and less inclusive time.
    • Cory Booker
      Even before the 2020 Democratic debates have begun, were already starting to get a sense of who the top candidates are. Former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and even South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg all look like formidable potential challengers to President Trump.
    • President Trump walks off after delivering a statement on the Iran nuclear deal from the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House in D.C.
      Ali Vaez, director of Crisis Group's Iran desk, does not seem to know his history very well. Consider Vaez's Thursday tweet suggesting that Iran wouldn't be blowing stuff up in the Gulf of Oman if President Trump were only nicer.Tweet
    • Donald Trump
      There havent been any major scandals so far during Donald Trumps presidency, so his political opponents, including most of the national press, are pointing to things that didnt happen as reasons for the electorate to rise up in revolt.
    • California-Sex Ed
      There are times when the cultural divide between traditionalists and the misnamed progressives is so severe that its probably useless even to try to convince the latter of the rank inappropriateness of their ways. Unfortunately, children are involved, so the effort is required.
    • Britain's Conservative Party lawmaker Boris Johnson gestures as he speaks during the official launch of his leadership campaign in London.
      He's not my first pick to be Britain's next prime minister, but Boris Johnson deserves credit for centering his Conservative Party leadership campaign on capitalism. Democratic capitalism is history's greatest economic force for human good.
    • Writer and political activist Gloria Steinem speak to the crowd during the Women's March rally in D.C.
      Finally, feminists and conservatives can agree on something: Commercial surrogacy is harmful to women.
    • rooney2.jpg
      House lawmakers are officially reviving the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus.
    • Undercard Debate 2015
      Democrats should bring back the "kiddie table" debates.
    • Greg Abbott
      State legislation is frequently buried in the news under national issues, but Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has found a way to get the publics attention with his quirky new Twitter videos, which are going viral.
    • Oberlin College Racial Dispute
      In theory, Oberlin College's hubris cost the school a theoretical $44 million. In practice, it'll be only $33 million, thanks to Ohio's cap on punitive damages, but it's quite a sum in any case.
    • Joe Biden and Donald Trump
      Former Vice President Joe Biden dominates his rivals in several swing states where President Trump is facing high disapproval ratings, a potential sign that the White House door is opening for the Democrat.
    • Hope Solo
      Hope Solo, the Olympic gold medalist, World Cup champion, and former U.S. Womens National Team goalkeeper, thinks her former team celebrated a little bit too much.
    • Dershowitz Biden
      On Thursday, attorney and author of The Case Against Impeaching Trump, Alan Dershowitz was interviewed about the upcoming election on SiriusXM. When asked if he planned to vote for Trump in 2020 or his Democratic counterpart, he told host Dan Abrams, It depends who runs against him," but further stated, "Im a strong supporter of Joe Biden. I like Joe Biden. Ive liked him for a long time, and I could enthusiastically support Joe Biden."
    • Trump and Joe Biden
      President Trump said the Joe Bidens chances at winning the Democratic primary for president, much less a general election, are poor partly because of Bidens "mental capacity."
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