Quickly Check World Cup Scores With Cortana or Spotlight

 howtogeek.com  6/14/2018 3:19:21 PM   Justin Pot

Stuck at your desk during the 2018 World Cup? That sucks, but you can quickly check the scores anytime by using Cortana on Windows or Spotlight on macOS.

Windows 10 users can simply open the start menu and search for “World Cup.” Scores for the current game will show up in a side panel, as shown above.

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It’s a little more tricky on macOS: you have to open Spotlight (Command+Space) and then type “fifa world cup.”

Simply typing “world cup” will not work. Siri is another option in macOS, and it will actually figure out what you mean by “world cup” from context:

This also gives you access to a widget you can add to your Notification Center, which is nice. Enjoy keeping track of the games at work. If your boss is away for a bit here’s how to watch the 2018 FIFA World Cup online. Just be careful not to yell during a goal.

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