Princess Anne shrugs as Queen gestures to come greet the Trumps in comical viral video  12/04/2019 17:09:34 

4 Dec, 2019 17:09

Princess Anne shrugs as Queen gestures to come greet the Trumps in comical viral video

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Queen Elizabeth II and her daughter Princess Anne have been caught on camera having a brief funny falling out, as the British royals welcomed US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania to a NATO reception at Buckingham Palace.

It’s quite common for mothers and daughters to have their disagreements, but seeing the Queen struggle to get Anne to play ball – in public – is a rarity. In a video that has gone viral on social media, the monarch’s attempts to coax her daughter over to greet the Trumps ostensibly falls on deaf ears – if only momentarily.

The Queen chastising Princess Anne for not greeting Trump and Anne not giving a single shit is the mood we all need to take into today

— Hannah Jane Parkinson (@ladyhaja) December 4, 2019

Princess Anne’s reaction has prompted an avalanche of love on social media from people who appeared to enjoy her sassy response, and there were some who thought the family interaction was refreshingly relatable. 

“I think that’s the first time I’ve ever seen anything from the royals that made them look even vaguely like a normal family,” tweeted one person.

Others posted hilarious memes to highlight the ‘everyday’ family scenarios and pictures that best describe how the younger royal was “really” feeling.

— Francis Higgins (@s1ckrant) December 4, 2019

Never expected to relate to Princess Anne, but hanging back in a doorway to avoid people is something I've done in many a social situation

— Samantha Shannon (@say_shannon) December 4, 2019

Princess Anne has ALWAYS been an absolute hero in the royal family. Didnt give her kids titles, first to divorce, working round the clock...The videos of her gossiping with world leaders & shrugging like a teenager at the queen are just the cherry on top. *chefs kiss*

— Marthe de Ferrer (@MarthedeFerrer) December 4, 2019

Anne also featured in another video widely circulated on social media: footage showing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seemingly mocking Trump while talking with other leaders, including UK PM Boris Johnson, at the NATO reception.

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