Harry’s secret jealousy of William

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Amid rumours of a feud, new details have emerged about the hidden rivalry between Prince Harry and his older brother Prince William.

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In her book, ‘Harry: Life, Loss and Love’, Katie Nicholl reports how Princess Diana’s friend, Simone Simmons told her about Harry’s experience. Picture: Getty ImagesSource:Getty Images

Prince Harry might now enjoy a close relationship with his brother Prince William but according to one royal author, Harry often felt “left out” and “upset” when he and Wills were growing up.

Apparently, Harry was “acutely aware of his position” as third-in-line to the throne behind Prince William and was often “upset” that the Queen Mother gave William “more attention”.

It comes amid rumours of a feud between the brothers and their respective wives Kate Middle and Meghan Markle.

In her book, Harry: Life, Loss and Love, Katie Nicholl reports how Princess Diana’s friend, Simone Simmons told her about Harry’s experience.

“I remember Harry complaining that when he and William were with the Queen Mother, that William was always the centre of attention,” Simmons said.

“William would be sitting next to the Queen Mother in a drawing room that dwarfed the pair of them, and Harry would be sitting at a distance from them keeping himself entertained.

“He was particularly upset when, on one occasion, the butler brought sandwiches just for her and William.”

It’s something Nicholl had already spoken about in her previous 2010 book, William and Harry.

The author reported that William often visited the Queen Mother without his younger brother.

“When they were little William would often be invited to Clarence House to see his great-grandmother without Harry,” she wrote.

“‘I’m off to see Gran Gran,’ he would announce, leaving Harry to play alone in the nursery.”

According to Nicholl, Diana was aware of how Harry felt and “doted on him”.

“Diana adored him, feeling especially protective towards Harry, given his position as the spare,” she said.

“... Diana was aware that Harry felt left out and doted on him.”

Prince Harry is now sixth-in-line to the throne, behind Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

This is an edited story that originally appeared on The Sun and is republished with permission.

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