Canberra's third bikie shooting in less than two weeks  7/17/2017 10:40:46 PM 

Police are investigating a bikie-related shooting in Isabella Plains overnight, the third in Canberra in less than two weeks.

Police confirmed shots were fired at a Ellerston Avenue home at about 1:00am on Tuesday morning.

The house sits next to the Little Smiles Early Childhood Centre.

It comes as police told the Canberra Times the two previous shootings were part of a feud between the Commanchero and the Nomad motorcycle gangs.

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Various sources said two people stepped out of a car parked up the road before shooting at a front bedroom from the garden bed on the property's front lawn.

Neighbours, who cannot be names for safety reasons, heard what they believed to be rifle and shotgun fire.

Some said they saw a fire shooting up from the property, with AFP forensics seen inspecting a charred as canister outside the house later on Tuesday morning.

Damage consistent with gunfire and fire could be seen along the bedroom window's panelling. Police were at the same property in March when shots were fired and a car was set alight.

Employees at the neighbouring childcare centre arrived to work to see police had set up a crime scene but were assured by investigators they were safe.

Centre manager Kamal Dhooria said it was frightening but it was an otherwise good neighbourhood.

"The people next door are really good and they're helpful, we haven't had any issues with them," Ms Dhooria said.

"Even now we don't have issues with them."

Room manager Dianne Hunia said parents had been asking about the incident but no one had cancelled after seeing the crime scene.

"We just reassure them, the centre's okay, the children are okay," Ms Hunia said.

"If anything happens, we're accountable for all these children inside the centre."

"It's not right, it's dangerous, it hurts people. Don't do it, it's wrong. Simple as that."

"We do want cops to do something, to see who is behind all these incidents," Ms Dhooria said.

As police inspected the scene, children could be seen walking to school as families drove past.

Last Tuesday, a high-powered, automatic machine gun was used to fire 27 shots at a home in Waramanga where a 17-year-old was sleeping inside.

The first attack in Kambah saw shots fired at a home in the early hours of July 7 and three cars on the property set alight.

Taskforce Nemesis has made 82 prosecutions for a total of 251 offences since its inception in August 2014.

The offences ranged from home invasions, assaults, arsons, kidnapping, extortion and drive by shootings.

Last week after the Waramanga shooting, ACT police said the pattern of criminal activity was consistent with trends occurring in all other states and territories.

The ACT government signed a $655 million agreement with the AFP earlier this month to provide police to the territory for the next four years, formally outlining terrorism as their priority but not bikie-related violence.

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