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It is perfectly natural to confuse the new GRID with the 2014 reboot of the famous TOCA Race Driver series, Race Driver: Grid.

Codemasters has sort of shot itself in the foot with the reboot of Race Driver: Grid by simply renaming it GRID. Naming qualms aside, GRID is a fine racing game that deserves its spot with the Forza and Gran Turismo series.

What is it about?

The previous instalments in the Grid series were competent racing games with a slight arcade slant. But they were always a step behind the other racing games. The 2019 GRID changes all that as it takes a page from Forzas Horizon series. Codemasters has created a veritable experience for us to dive into.

How does it play?

If Forza was clean and fun, GRID is dirty, competitive, and rough. And, I love it. You race in exotic locales, but they arent picture perfect  you have to deal with the glare of lights, the chaos of the snarling engines and the dirt kicked up by the vehicles as opponents play dirty.

Fortunately, there is a rewind button that is generous with how far it can undo your previous actions.

There is a plethora of licensed cars to choose from, all with their distinct handling styles. There are also several types of races, like rallies, stock car racing and street racing in a wide variety of tracks. The game looks gorgeous in a grungy kind of way with a real racing feel to everything, right down to the scuffs of paint on the weary cars.

Should you get it?

If youre on the lookout for an excellent racer, you cant go wrong with GRID. Just make sure you get the correct one.


Are you one of those FIFA fans screaming out for a new FIFA Street for the longest time? It is here in the form of the new VOLTA mode in FIFA 20, which exists alongside the professional soccer part that the series has been known for.

Does this right brain, left brain situation work for or against the 2020 edition?

What is it about?

The highlight of FIFA 20 is VOLTA, the games street soccer mode. The game allows you to play local football as well as compete in large stadiums around the globe. It dips heavily into football culture, while creating a narrative, which is engaging enough to keep your fingers away from the skip button.

How does it play?

Fans who have been playing the game year after year may not notice the subtle changes. But those who are picking up the game after a long break will be delighted with the way the game gets the ball physics and natural player motions right. Unanimously, though, the biggest standout is the challenge posed by the artificial intelligence.

VOLTA on its own is an excellent addition, but much of the games efforts have gone into crafting the trick system. The style additions add a Fortnite-like flair to the game, as you kit out your players and go online in search of formidable opponents to fight through seasons and unlock more style items.

Should you get it?

FIFA 20 isnt drastically different from its predecessor. But if you want to take the game to the streets, the VOLTA in FIFA 20 is well worth it.

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