Paul Ryan Talks Up Likelihood Of Tax Overhaul  6/20/2017 7:25:21 PM 

By Richard Rubin, Wall Street Journal

House speaker tries to build momentum for the GOP’s tax plan

WASHINGTON—House Speaker Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) expressed confidence Tuesday that Republicans can “fix this nation’s tax code, once and for all” this year despite a long row of hurdles in front of them.

Mr. Ryan, in a speech to manufacturers in Washington, reiterated the major themes of the plan he released last year and didn’t delve into the details that divide Republicans or the negotiations between the Trump administration and members of Congress.

“The defenders of the status quo—and there are many of them—they’re counting on us to lose our nerve, to fall back, or to put this off altogether,” he said. “But we will not wait for a path free of obstacles. Guess what? It does not exist.”

Mr. Ryan’s speech to the National Association of Manufacturers, sandwiched between cable news appearances, was meant to build momentum and public support for the party’s aims. Republicans see a tax overhaul as a political necessity that would deliver on one of their core campaign promises.

For now, taxes are secondary to health care and other policy issues. But the GOP is planning a busy fall and Mr. Ryan said he hoped the tax bill could be done before Thanksgiving so taxpayers have a clear sense of the new system going into 2018.

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