Patriots at Texans: Live updates, game stats, highlights for Tom Brady vs. Deshaun Watson  12/02/2019 01:49:12   Sean Wagner-McGough

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Oh boy. I was about to get out the "players who have intercepted Tom Brady multiple times in one game" list for Bradley Roby, but he gets called for holding instead.

I did not think "run Sony Michel right up the gut" would be the solution.

Alright, let's see what adjustments the Patriots have made here, if any.

It's 14-3 Texans at the half. Patriots get the ball coming out of halftime, but they have to get into the locker room and find some answers. On both sides of the ball.

They can't run because their OL has regressed and their fullbacks are hurt. They don't have anyone who can get open downfield and right now, James White and Julian Edelman aren't winning quickly enough off the line for Brady to dink and dunk his way to scores.

This Patriots offense doesn't have a big play threat. And they're not good enough to sustain long drives. Same problems every week

None of these guys look like they can get open. And this is a Houston secondary that has been picked on all year.

Edelman took that route to the inside. Dorsett stopped short. Brady threw deep down the sideline.

Looked like his left foot was barely just down when he caught it (?) and his left was certainly in bounds

I think it's barely a catch?

Good timeout by O'Brien. He wants the booth to look at that

They have barely moved the ball so far, but perhaps getting into the hurry-up will spark something for them.

Anyone have faith the Patriots can score with a minute left here?

What's also missing is a big-play guy: They've been targeting Edelman deep up the seam lately, but that's a clear downgrade from the days of Gronk going long.

Not talked about enough when it comes to the struggles of the Patriots offense: their OL is no longer elite, and the difference between elite and OK is making a huge difference.

Bill Belichick is talking to the entire defense on the sideline. That's not something you see every game.

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