Having used AutoPlay in its previous incarnation as part of Rdio, it'll definitely be a welcome addition to Pandora Premium. The $10/month streaming music service competes with market leaders Spotify and Apple Music -- and while we found there's a lot to like about Pandora Premium it's also not quite feature-complete yet. I have little doubt that AutoPlay is a good addition to Pandora, but hopefully the company will add more robust queueing features soon. For now, the service doesn't let you add any songs, playlists or albums to an ongoing queue as you go, something pretty much all of its competitors do. And Spotify has been slowly rolling out a similar feature; when you finish an album or playlist, it automatically plays a related artist radio station.

Of course, it's also worth noting that there's a bit of uncertainty around Pandora right now -- the company is said to be looking for a buyer. That doesn't mean that Pandora's music services are going anywhere, but it's hard to say what a purchase or new partnership will mean for it going forward.