Pandemic concerns weighed down an anxious New York Fashion Week  09/19/2020 00:54:02   Tashara Jones

We expect edgy style at New York Fashion Week  but this season, the whole thing was on-edge.

After the event wrapped last week, insiders told Page Six about the uneasy experience of taking part in a Fashion Week during a pandemic.

We brought our own food because we didnt trust eating catering that someone might have breathed on, T. Cooper, owner of hair and make-up company Major Face told us, No one could hear each other properly because they all sounded like mumbles under the mask.

Cooper, who was the head hairstylist for retailer Flying Solos show, added, It was super weird not being able to see each others facial expressions  and we prayed to God that the models were being responsible.”

The show was held on a Soho rooftop to make it safer. It took a while to get to the rooftop because only four people at a time were allowed on the elevator, she said, adding that some of the outfits on show were coordinated with masks. It was really weird not being able to hug and kiss people as normal, Cooper said, I missed that.”

Meanwhile, seventeen-year-old model and designer Julia Corso, who walked in the hiTechMODA show at ReGen, told us, It was kind of stressed out when the make-up girls were doing my eyes and lips and the touch-ups. I was worried if she used that lip on someone else. She told us her mom even went to CVS to buy disposable make-up brushes and sponges, just to make sure I only used it.

She adds of the show, We walked with no audience. It was so incredibly eerie. I think it really took away from the experience of Fashion Week. There were only 30 people allowed in a space between the models and makeup artists and the producers. It was streamed online.

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