Overwatch League teams will play in their home cities next season

 engadget.com  03/16/2019 01:30:00  3

The @overwatchleague is coming home - and away! Starting in 2020, all Overwatch League teams will be playing in their home cities. We're super excited to see our original vision brought to life. Thanks to all of our fans for your amazing support!

— Nate Nanzer (@natenanzer) March 15, 2019

Taking pro Overwatch players on the road was always Blizzard's plan for its global eSports league, and 2020 had been reported as the target. Nanzer's announcement doesn't shed light on what next year's format will actually look like, however. Players may have to fly between three continents for their games, on top of what can be an intense training schedule. They might have to travel even further if the league expands beyond its current lineup of 20 teams next year.

Announcing the home city focus this far in advance should give teams plenty of time to prepare venues and address potential visa issues. For instance, a Chengdu Hunters player from China had his visa application rejected before the start of the current Overwatch League season.

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