New York officials put stop to planned 10,000-person wedding due to Covid, Cuomo says  10/17/2020 21:40:00 

Health officials in New York put a stop to a planned wedding after receiving reports that "upwards of 10,000 individuals" were scheduled to attend the event in Brooklyn on Monday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Saturday, according to NBC New York.

"We received a suggestion that that was happening. We did an investigation and found that it was likely true," Cuomo said at a news briefing.

He said state officials learned about the wedding after the sheriff's office in Rockland County outside of New York City issued a warning against attending the event due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The state health commissioner issued an order Friday against the gathering.

"Look, you can get married, you just can't have 1,000 people at your wedding," said Cuomo.

The state had not heard back from the parties served with the order, but a special counsel to the governor said at the briefing Saturday that those involved can request a hearing with the health commissioner.

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