Netflix hack lets you control its app with your eyes  11/07/2018 20:39:38   Gordon Gottsegen
Netflix : Illustration

Netflix is testing ways to navigate its app with your face.

Chesnot/Getty Images

Netflix is testing a new feature called Eye Nav, an accessibility feature that lets you control its iOS app with different facial movements, using Apple's Face ID. It lets you navigate the Netflix app, select a title and start watching by using eye movements. To stop the video, you stick out your tongue. 

The feature was announced on Wednesday as one the features Netflix tested during its Fall 2018 Hack Day. As at many companies, hack days give Netflix's engineers a chance to experiment with new ideas that may or may not be adopted later.

You can watch a demo of the feature below:

If Eye Nav is integrated into the app, it could make Netflix more accessible for people with motor impairments. In September, we saw eBay use a similar concept that allowed people to shop by moving their head.

Another hack from Netflix Hack Day lets viewers skip straight to the action scenes of certain movies. Netflix calls this feature "Jump to Shark" because it uses the movie Sharknado for its demo.

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