Netflix continues to crank out big budget blockbusters  01/13/2021 23:56:37   Cindy Adams

Netflix has a new movie every 20 minutes.

Like The Harder They Fall with Idris Elba, Regina King and German-American actress with the worlds best name Zazie Beetz. 

Jay-Z produced and did the music. Its about a dude charging after the jailed killer of his parents after that guy gets out. A musical its not. Think chiller diller thriller.

Also theyre prepping a really expensive  like big time budget, like $200 million  deal. A new James Bond-ish franchise with more producers behind it than actors in front of it. Plus, its a collaboration with Marvel. Spy stuff. About an ex-CIA op turned freelance assassin called The Gray Man, which is the movies title. Running around saving civilization is Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans.

Netflix so far has filmed everything but the actual birth of Jesus.

More to watch. We got more. 

Jason Sudeikis, formerly A-OK at SNL, is Ted Lasso. Kansas college football coach hired to kick an English soccer team into shape.

Shot in England for Apple TV+. Jason: Ive had s - - tty jobs. I hope to have more someday that pay a lot of money. Which one this is he didnt say.

This one — I say — is high drama mixed with low comedy. Really low. He does his own stunts, saying: I tried to kick down a door and I hit my head. It split open. Two-inch gash. I thought Im fine, but I look down and blood is in my hand. They actually glued my head shut. That was our improv because we have no blooper reel, and it didnt say in the script bump head. That was the take we used.

Pay attention

Now, this 25th Amendment bullbleep. Empty heads burble if Pence convened the Cabinet and the majority called for the president to step aside, hed have to. No. Were a determination of incapacitation made, Pence and the Cabinet would make it, which Trump could reject by saying he is not incapacitated and will continue. Pence could then poll the Cabinet and inform Congress. By that time, Donalds term would be done.

TV buys a farm

Britain has enough problems: Me Me Meghan, that prince of a guy Andrew, hairstylist Boris and Brexit. However, Her Majestys NYC ambassador is screening All Creatures Great and Small, saying: Our stellar panel will also discuss the importance of farming in communities.

Yeah, right.

But with our global miseries  Washington, Iran, Iraq, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Pelousey  maybe our first morning thought is not about pig plop. And their p.s. is: After registering, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Right. Cant wait. Im so into hearing about a heifers methane gas.

Who, who goes there?

To get away for one moment from Dodge  NYCs new name. Manhattan friends  born here, live here  just relocated to the country. The woods. East Siders who do not know from the Outback. Never seen grass. To them a ferocious wild beast out of control is their 4-month-old Chihuahua charging after a treat. Deer, turkeys, raccoons, coyotes, bears exist in their territory but the only hostile creature theyd encountered had been their moving man.

Comes night. Quiet, still, velvet black. Relaxation near a sitting rooms open fireplace. Red wine. Peace. Tranquility. Harmony. Then, an unfamiliar noise. Not one theyre accustomed to  like a taxi smashing into a parked fender. An owl hooting. Big, white, loud, way up in a tree. A neighbor had earlier spied a hawk so, terrified, they ran to collect their Chihuahua playing in the yard. Twigs, broom handles were utilized to scare away the owl. Finally, the big white presence came down.It had been a fluffed up, puffed up, blown up empty garbage bag. And somewhere that owl is still hooting.

NY Bar Association. Begun upstate 1876. This years efforts are to stop comedians from insulting jokes like: One lawyer called a second lawyer with news that a crazed lunatics en route to your office with a machine gun because he wants to blow your brains out . . . But thats not why I called you . . . 

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.

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