Nearly 1,000 Liberty University students quarantining as positive COVID cases climb  09/17/2020 09:47:59   Ashley Anne

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ) - Liberty University leaders are urging students to help stop the spread of COVID-19 as cases rise at the university. With the number of cases rising, we need you to do your part; please stop the social gatherings," Dr. Keith Anderson, the director of LU Health & Wellness, said in a video message to students.

In a newly-launched dashboard Wednesday, LU reported 141 active coronavirus cases among students and employees.

Thats an increase of more than 50 cases reported a week ago.

Meanwhile more than 1,000 students and employees have been told to quarantine. With an uptick in positive cases, whether its great or small, its an indication that there is viral spread," explained Anderson.

To mitigate the spread leaders say theyre educating and encouraging students to follow proper guidelines, adding more signage to promote social distancing and requiring face coverings in all academic buildings and common areas. We dont want to wait until the problem is so detrimental that we have to do something," explained Dr. Anderson. So, were monitoring it daily.

Anderson says right now, the percent of residential students who have tested positive remains just below one percent.

If or when that number inches closer to five percent, Dr. Anderson said additional measures, like moving classes online, will be considered.

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