NBA Draft Lottery 2019: Pelicans land No. 1 overall pick, and most likely Duke's Zion Williamson  05/15/2019 00:00:00  2  Jack Maloney

The 2019 NBA Draft Lottery brought all sorts of drama and intrigue, as the New Orleans Pelicans won the right to the No. 1 overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. Rounding out the top five is the Memphis Grizzlies, New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers.�

With Duke sensation Zion Williamson expected to be the No. 1 overall pick, there was plenty at stake this year. Every team would have been thrilled to win the right to take the big man, who is one of the best prospects to come along in years.�

The Draft Lottery -- held annually since 1985 -- determines the order in which teams who did not make the playoffs will select in that year's NBA Draft. Technically, the first four picks were the only ones decided by the lottery system. After the first four picks, the remaining teams were ordered by the inverse of their regular season records.�

2019 Lottery results:�

2. Memphis Grizzlies

3. New York Knicks

4. Los Angeles Lakers

5. Cleveland Cavaliers

6. Phoenix Suns

7. Chicago Bulls

8. Atlanta Hawks

9. Washington Wizards

10. Atlanta Hawks (via Dallas Mavericks)

11. Minnesota Timberwolves

12. Charlotte Hornets

13. Miami Heat

14. Boston Celtics (via Sacramento Kings)

CBS Sports will be with you throughout the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery. If you are unable to view the live application below, please click here.

Here's everything you need to know about the 2019 edition:

How to watch the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery

  • Date:�Tuesday, May 14
  • Time:�8:30 p.m. ET
  • Location:�Chicago, Illinois
  • TV channel:�ESPN
  • Online streaming:�WatchESPN

Which teams are in the Lottery this year?

* Owed picks:

Are there any changes to the format this year?

Yes. In an attempt to discourage teams from tanking, the league implemented a new set of lottery odds. Previously, the team with the worst record had a 25 percent chance at getting the top pick. Now, the teams with the three worst records all have an equal 14 percent chance at the top pick. Likewise, the odds were smoothed across the board, giving teams in the middle of the lottery a better chance at moving up into the top-four slots.�

Additionally, the team with the worst record used to be guaranteed to receive no worse than the fourth pick. That was because the first three picks were the only ones determined by the lottery. After those picks, the remaining teams were ordered in the inverse of their regular season records. Now, the first four picks will be decided by the lottery draw. Thus, the team with the worst record will receive no worse than the fifth pick.�

When did the lottery begin?

The lottery was approved in 1984 and went into effect for the first time in the 1985 NBA Draft. The New York Knicks -- who finished with the worst record this season -- won the lottery that year and selected Patrick Ewing. It wasn't without controversy though, as many still believe that year's Draft Lottery was fixed by the league.�

Who are the top prospects?

There's no question that the best prospect heading into the draft is Duke forward Zion Williamson. The 18-year-old was a viral sensation in his high school days, and became the best player in college basketball in his freshman season. Regardless of which team wins the No. 1 pick, he's expected to be the first player selected.�

Beyond that, however, there are plenty of questions. Here are the top five players off the board in the most recent mock draft from CBS Sports' Kyle Boone:

  1. Zion Williamson -- F, Duke
  2. RJ Barrett -- F, Duke
  3. Ja Morant -- G, Murray State
  4. Coby White -- G, North Carolina
  5. De'Andre Hunter -- F, Virginia
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