More snow is on the way Tuesday  02/08/2021 15:59:12   Dave Epstein

It was a spectacularly bright sunrise to start our second week of February, with a fresh coating of snow and cold temperatures.

A quick recap of Sunday’s storm shows generally 4 to 7 inches across much of the area, but that persistent band of snow brought up to a foot southwest of Boston. Those higher totals were definitely an exception, not the rule, but are a reminder that when you see accumulation maps there’s nearly always going to be areas with totals a little over or under the prediction.

Skies will start clear tonight and end up cloudy by morning. If you’re headed west early Tuesday, there might be a little bit of snow and some slick travel. But our next weather system is mostly reserved for the late morning and afternoon hours Tuesday.

It’s looking like a general 2- to 4-inch snowfall for most of the area, with the chance for a couple of higher amounts. Across Cape Cod and the Islands, I think we’re going to see closer to a coating to 2 inches with temperatures a little bit milder and the core of the precipitation remaining to the north. There could even be some rain mixed in. Snow looks to arrive after the morning commute, but continue through the evening drive home before ending about 7-8 p.m Tuesday.

There are two other weather systems that might impact us before next weekend is complete. Both of these are coastal situations and it’s still to be determined if neither, either, or both of these come close enough to bring more snow or rain.

In these active patterns, it only takes a slight change in the jet stream for a storm to one day look like it’s going to miss us and the next look like it will have an impact.

In addition to the potential for stormy weather, there’s also a strong likelihood that colder than average conditions are going to continue for the next couple of weeks. As a matter of fact, this week may end up being the coldest week of the winter.

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