Missouri relaxes several motor carrier restrictions to aid COVID-19 response

 kmaland.com  03/26/2020 20:53:00 

Gov. Mike Parson

Missouri Governor Mike Parson addresses Capitol reporters in Jefferson City, after he declared a state of emergency in Missouri for coronavirus (March 13, 2020 file photo courtesy of the Governors office)

(Jefferson City) -- Missouri is relaxing several regulations to allow for the transportation of goods for grocers and medical providers.

Governor Mike Parson says his administration has relaxed the hours of operation for motor carriers to allow more goods to move into the state.

"Motor carriers must be able to deliver essential supplies and equipment to our communities as quickly as possible," said Parson. "Several commercial driving regulations have been waived or relaxed. The Missouri Department of Transportation has been a huge help in this."

Additionally, the state is allowing heavier-than-normal truckloads of supplies and equipment to travel on all highways and interstates if they are related to the virus response. This includes livestock and poultry, as well. Parson thanked Missouri Department of Transportation Director Patrick McKenna for his work in implementing the relaxed regulations.

"I've emphasized to him to make sure these trucks and this transportation for this product throughout Missouri has got to be able to run," said Parson. "I know (McKenna) has went toe-to-toe with the federal government on how we're going to make sure these restrictions are lifted where we can product up and down the road."

McKenna says MoDot is working to clean and disinfect all rest areas on a more frequent basis to allow truckers and the general public to remain healthy.

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