McJesus artwork sparks outrage among Israel’s Christians  01/14/2019 16:05:00 

An art exhibit in Israel featuring a crucified Ronald McDonald has sparked protests by the country’s Arab Christian minority.

Hundreds of Christians calling for the removal of the artwork, titled McJesus, protested at the museum in the northern city of Haifa last week.

The artwork on display as part of the Haifa museum’s Sacred Goods exhibit (Oded Balilty/AP)

Israeli police said demonstrators hurled a firebomb at the museum and threw stones that wounded three police officers.

Church representatives brought their complaints to the district court on Monday, demanding a suspension order for the exhibit’s most offensive items, including Barbie doll renditions of Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

The artwork has sparked protests (Oded Balilty/AP)

Israeli culture minister Miri Regev, who has pushed for legislation mandating “loyalty” in art, has also called for the removal of the offending artwork.

The museum has refused to bow to pressure, saying that doing so would infringe on freedom of expression.

- Press Association

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