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Team NZ helmsman Peter Burling reveals he played to the rule book for victory over Sweden.

Three children were taken from a Kiwi mum in a split-second in a NSW crash.

Schapelle Corby has celebrated the fact that she managed to fool the Australian media.

Kmart has launched online shopping in New Zealand.

William refused to walk behind coffin and Queen hid TVs to protect her grandsons.

Team NZ boss Grant Dalton has high praise of his team following today's dramatic victory.

Ex-school worker jailed for sexual offences against three students.

Struggling Auckland families are moving north but suffering same problems.

Retail giant Glassons has come under fire for what could be the worst knock-off ever.

America's Cup tensions escalating between rival skippers in Bermuda after dramatic crash.

Three Michelin star chef and renowned user of the f word gives his dining out tips.

Golf great Tiger Woods has been arrested on a DUI charge in Florida.

These farmers have it covered.

A keeper has been killed by a tiger at a British zoo.

MPI has told company backed by NZ athletes to add more sugar or stop selling sport drink.

Watch: Thanks to one man's dashcam, this Adelaide pedestrian is now an internet sensation.

Kingsdon Chapple-Wilson broke Lorde's record for the most weeks at No.1 in the NZ Top 20.


MetService Forecaster Georgina Griffiths runs us through the weather for this week.

Hekenukumai Busby has been awarded an honorary doctorate for his lifetime's achievement.

Aides serve a US president who demands absolute loyalty, but don't get it in return.

Hundreds of trees were toppled in reported winds of up to 80km/h.

A freak storm in Moscow has killed at least 12 people.

Pyongyang's latest missile landed in Japan's economic zone

Almost $654m has been wiped off the value of IAG following the computer systems failure.

People are heading into retirement heavily in debt.

The dollar touched a three-week high against the euro overnight, before retreating,

Opposition groups say why seabed mining application should be turned down

Bay teachers want funding and pay rises for valued school support staff.

Labour's MPs have a window to change leader - but they won't.

COMMENT: Pre-employment drug tests are needlessly barring some young Kiwis from jobs.

Students demand vice-chancellor make a stand against the uni investing in fossil fuels.

It can be hard to break old habits - and at 104, Olive Ford has more than a few.

Spoiler: it has nothing to do with working out.

A German pop star has racked up two million dislikes for her new song in just a month.

It's fourteen years since Pirates of the Caribbean first hit the big screen.

Eli Orzessek rides the wild dunes and finds adventures in the water.

COMMENT: Aitutaki is every bit as ridiculously beautiful as you've been led to believe.

Schools should not try to suppress gender distinctions in uniforms or other things.


Our cartoonists Rod Emmerson, Guy Body and Peter Bromhead share their views.

In the fourth of a five-part series, we go to the extremities to gauge the state of rugby.

Team New Zealand have beaten Artemis in one of the great America's Cup clashes.

The New Zealand Herald is counting down to the Lions series, looking back at past tours.

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