Married At First Sight’s Matthew’s ultimate betrayal – Find out what he REALLY said about Lauren!  02/13/2019 09:20:00 

While Matthew has had a little time now to process it, it’s obvious that the poor man has gone into shut down mode. Despite Lauren admitting she was a stirrer, the contestants and the experts weren’t sure how much was true and how much was her just seeing how far she could push things.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before she discovered that her risk had taken an ugly turn when Matthew started seeing her in a new light and that light wasn’t flattering.

 “I feel like when Loz does talk about her sexual appetites and intimacy it does make me feel uncomfortable and it’s not the most pleasant feeling,” he confesses to camera.

Admittedly this is a whole new world to him and it may be too much too soon. But now that everyone is arriving, he can’t stop talking about what Lauren said. “She mentioned swinging, open marriages, threesomes, this is all quite overwhelming for me,” he says in a conversation with Nic.

 While it’s completely understandable how he feels, his next decision is at the very least questionable but is actually quite cruel. Rather than discuss his feelings with Loz, he decides to tell the guys that he not actually into Lauren, while she is RIGHT THERE!!! 

“I’m just not attracted to her and I’m not feeling those urges,” he confesses, obviously upset by the realisation. “I have no urge to rip her clothes off and throw her on the bed. There’s just nothing there.”

Understandably she is stunned and extremely hurt. “What the f**k!” she rightly exclaims.  Hurt and in shocked she confides in the girls who obviously are stunned and devastated for her.

“Who expects that their partner’s going to turn around and say I’m not attracted to you after she had sex with you,” Cyrell says in her no nonsense way and advises her to talk to him to be sure she didn’t misunderstand.

 Lauren rises above the titters and asks to talk to Matthew in private. If it had been anyone else they would have ripped into him so maybe the experts did pick the right girl for him out of the ones available, as she was very calm and understanding about what has happened.

 “Why Matt, why would you say that in front of – talk to me not to them,” she says.

 “It’s only something I’ve just realized,” Matt tries to explain.

 “I just feel a bit used Matt to be honest, did you just use me to lose your virginity?” she asks with her voice breaking.

“Not at all,” Matthew declares before Lauren walks off.

While Lauren wonders if she’s too much, Matt wonders if he’s enough. “I don’t ask for much, I just ask for someone to love me,” Lauren says in a heartbreaking moment that reminds me of a line from the movie Notting Hill. 

With these two being so brutally honest and real with their feelings, who knows if they’ll make it.

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