Marie Harf: Trump's Tricky (Yet Vital) First Foreign Trip  5/20/2017 5:55:51 PM 

By Marie Harf, Fox News

Foreign trips are tricky terrain for new presidents. They involve complex diplomacy, obscure protocol and unfamiliar operating environments. President Trump will confront all of these complications during his first overseas visit, which begins today – with each stop carrying its own challenges and potential for missteps.

First, the president will spend several days meeting with Saudi officials in Riyadh, with the fight against ISIS topping the agenda. He will also give a speech on Islam – remarks that would require a delicate rhetorical dance for any leader, but that will be especially tricky for a president who ran promising to implement a Muslim ban.

He will need to use language that sends a positive message to the Saudis, to our other Arab allies and to moderate Muslim citizens whose help we need in the fight against extremism.

I’m dubious that Stephen Miller, who is reportedly writing all the major remarks for this trip, is up to that challenge.

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