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We'll keep you updated throughout the day on the violent home invasion at Maribyrnong, where it has just been revealed an eight-year-old girl was home when up to six offenders stormed her home and bashed her father with a golf club.

In traffic, inbound on the Eastern Freeway is still slow after the earlier collisions, but it looks like the trains are mostly clear.

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Must have been a good clue this morning - we had loads of people tweeting and emailing with the answer today 🙂 I think Jo Marshall and Arun R were the first to respond with the correct answer.

For those playing along, yesterday's answer was METABOLIC.

It's probably best to avoid using the Eastern Freeway in the outer suburbs at the moment, with two collisions confirmed and lane closures slowing traffic.  

Police have confirmed to Neil Mitchell on 3AW that an eight-year-old girl was inside when up to six men invaded her Maribyrnong home.

Her father is in hospital with serious injuries after he was reportedly bashed with a golf club.

Here's our latest take here, and we'll have more on this story as it develops throughout the day.

Here's today's letter of the day. Read more letters to The Age right here.

Thank goodness (literally) that we have had a win for humanity and compassion in the passing of the medical transfer legislation. This will only allow asylum seekers on Nauru and Manus a temporary stay in Australia to receive urgent medical treatment, if suitable treatment is not available in detention. It is not a guarantee they will be allowed to stay here permanently. Scott Morrison and his colleagues' fear campaign did not work. The legislation is not about border security and will not encourage people smugglers. Asylum seekers would need to bring themselves to near-death to qualify for medivac if they were seeking to come to Australia by this means. Jan Marshall, Brighton

Our video editor has just come across some pretty dramatic footage of a three-car crash on the Warburton Highway, courtesy of our friends at Nine.

Three people were taken to hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

The door remained open this morning after a violent home invasion overnight.

The door remained open this morning after a violent home invasion overnight.Credit:Joe Armao

Back to our headline story this morning. We're hearing the resident of the home was bashed in the head with a golf club.

Reporter Paul Sakkal has more here

Police are still hunting for up to six men who stormed the Maribyrnong house this morning.

The Age cartoon.

The Age cartoon.Credit:Andrew Dyson

A Houston woman who snuck into an abandoned house to smoke marijuana and found an overweight tiger in a cage hit a problem when she called police. "We questioned [her] as to whether they were under the effects of the drugs or they actually saw a tiger," police spokesman Kese Smith said. The tiger was sedated and taken to another shelter.

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