Mariah Carey’s ex-manager: ‘Enemies’ are sending me death threats  07/18/2019 00:14:26  3  Oli Coleman

Amid a series of nasty legal battles, Mariah Careys former manager, Stella Bulochnikov, claims to have become the victim of death threats and a vicious and shadowy campaign to intimidate her.

After managing the Emotions star for two years, the situation blew up acrimoniously, with Bulochnikov filing a suit  later settled  against Carey, while Careys former assistant, Lianna Shakhnazaryan, and Bulochnikov sued each other. That litigation is ongoing.

Now Bulochnikov tells Page Six that not only has she received a barrage of texts from anonymous or obscured senders  including death threats and a grotesque picture of a dirty diaper  but she claims her enemies have posed as journalists to try and dig up dirt on her.

Were told someone texted Bulochnikov probing for information and claiming to be a New York Times reporter. But when her publicist reached out to the journalist, he replied, Hi, thats not me  and my cellphone number is [different from the number used]  so Im going to report this to our security officials at the Times to see who is impersonating me.

Bulochnikov claims she also received countless hostile texts, some of which she showed to Page Six.

One read, Hey bitch . . . I just wanna tell you that if you . . . mess up with [Carey] you will be killed immediately.

Stella Bulochnikov and Mariah Carey
Stella Bulochnikov and Mariah Carey in 2017Getty Images

An e-mail read, Take care of your family. An accident is quickly occured [sic]. Theres no evidence that Carey or Shakhnazaryan are behind the attacks. When we called the number that had sent the diaper picture, the person who answered said they were familiar with Bulochnikov and that they were a fan of Carey, but denied knowledge of the texts.

Another admitted texting her, You are going to jail!, and said that they were also a Carey fan who had been angered by reports that Bulochnikov was leaking information about the star, but denied being part of a campaign of hate. Bulochnikov told us, This has been a harrowing ordeal for both me and my family, and it has taken a tremendous emotional toll on us all.

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