Man steals Dh38,000 watch from student in Dubai  08/12/2018 19:21:41  4  Marie Nammour /Dubai

A man has been charged at a Dubai court after he allegedly used an Emirati man's ID to steal a watch worth Dh38,000 from a Chinese student.

The Court of First Instance was told that the 28-year-old jobless Palestinian man contacted the victim after seeing an advertisement the latter had posted online offering his watch for sale.

The accused showed the student an ID, that was not his own, according to public prosecution records.He faced charges of wrongful use of other's ID, making benefit from that use, and theft by impersonation.

The incident took place in May and was reported to Bur Dubai police station.

The student, 28, said he had purchased a watch from the Duty Free of the Dubai International Airport and it was in demand as it was not available at the shops of the same brand.

"I posted an ad later online putting it for sale for Dh38,000. A man called me, pretending to be an Emirati and expressing his desire to buy the watch at the price I wanted."

The student then sent him the watch picture and received the man's ID copy on WhatsApp.

"We met at a shopping centre. I rode in his car and he claimed he could not find a parking spot and wanted to give the car to the valet parking," the student told the prosecutor.

The student added that the defendant duped him that he wanted the watch be checked at a shop at the mall before purchasing it.

"However, he waited for me to get outside the car to drive off. The watch papers, including the purchase receipt, were still with me," the complainant recounted.
He was left confused about what he should do. He went back to his place in Abu Dhabi where he was advised by his accommodation supervisor to call the police.

A police sergeant said: "The accused admitted he contacted the student to buy the watch. He also confessed he met the victim at the parking lot of a mall where the latter rode in his car and showed him the item."

The defendant has a criminal record of theft with the same criminal pattern.

A copy of the ID, sent by the defendant to the victim on WhatsApp, was enclosed to the case file. The accused will be sentenced on September 13.

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