Man charged again with sex assault for failing to disclose HIV | Toronto Star  6/20/2017 3:25:49 PM 

A Toronto man has been arrested for a second time after police say he had intimate relationships in which he did not disclose his HIV status.

Ala Al Safi, 24, was first charged with aggravated sexual assault in April, regarding a relationship he allegedly had in 2011.

Al Safi was arrested again Monday on a second charge of aggravated sexual assault, regarding a relationship he allegedly had in 2016, Toronto police said in a news release.

Police allege that he did not disclose his HIV status in either case, and that the men he was intimate with contracted HIV as a result.

Al Safi is subject to a rare court order requiring him to use condoms and make his condition known to sexual partners.

Shahin requested the court order for Al Safi, which was issued by a Superior Court judge on May 31.

Toronto’s public health agency has offered Al Safi counseling to relay the importance of sharing his HIV status on two occasions –in 2014 and 2016 – since his condition was first reported to them in February 2011, court documents show.

In the 2014 session, Al Safi was reminded to have “consistent medical care” and indicated at the time that he was not taking any medicine for the treatable but incurable disease, which can lead to AIDS.

Police believe there may be other victims.

With files from David Rider and Alexandra Jones

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