Make hay while the sun shines  05/23/2020 13:13:44 

Summer in the lockdown is still a break. And like all summer breaks, it means fun, relaxation, and a time to do things you really love. If you are in senior school, it also means that you do a little study  some of you are going to join test prep and online tutoring.

Summer is also a time to work towards your dreams. For those applying to college in the next three years, summer is a time to work on your profile  do a skill-based course or design and complete personal projects.

The good news is that there are many online summer programmes to build your profile, learn skills, get certifications and design personal projects. Here is a quick overview:

University summer programmes in India and abroad

Online education is one of the big winners of the coronavirus world. And colleges and universities have moved their work online, almost seamlessly. So, if you are looking for credentials and highly rated summer programmes on your CV, opportunities to do that still abound.

Brown University, Summer@Brown Online, offers programmes in academic as well as skill-based areas such as leadership, writing and design thinking. Applications are rolling and open.

Skill-based summer programmes

ISDI, a design school in Mumbai that has a partnership with Parsons in the U.S., offers programmes in Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Product Design, Filmmaking and many other fields. There are multiple batches.

Then there is the Young Changemakers Online Summer Programme for high-school students on Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship. This too has multiple batches. There are also opportunities for online internships where class XII students can explore digital marketing, research and writing internships at Internshala.

Online programmes in edX and Coursera

STEM Courses

Introduction to Internet of Things, Curtin University

Embedded Systems - Shape the world: Micro controller Input/Output, University of Texas

Introduction to Sustainability, University of Illinois

Computer Science Courses

Learn how to built websites HTML and CSS, W3C

Python for Everybody, University of Michigan

Programming in Scratch, Harvey Mudd University


Psychological first aid, John Hopkins University

Introduction to Psychology, Yale University

Understanding the Brain: Neurology of Everyday Life, University of Chicago

Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health, University of Sydney


Introduction to Actuarial Science, ANU Australia

Blockchain Understanding: Its Uses and Implications, Linux Foundation

Marketing in the digital world, University of Illinois

Introduction to Consumer Neuroscience and Neuromarketing, Copenhagen Business School

With so many options around, all you need is eight to 10 hours a week to transform this lockdown into an opportunity.

The writer is Founder and CEO, Inomi Learning, a Gurugram-based career and college guidance

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