Maisie Williams got people to share their favourite 'Game of Thrones' moments on the show's anniversary  4/18/2018 9:34:34 AM   Isobel Hamilton

WARNING: This article contains spoilers. Obviously.

Tuesday marked seven years since Game of Thrones first graced our screens with gore, nudity, and well-developed character arcs.

To mark the occasion, Maisie Williams (a.k.a. the scariest Stark) asked fans to share their favourite moments from the series.

She called, and the internet responded.

Favorite moment has to be The Hound on his epic quest to eat all the damn chickens in season 4, ep1!
7 years ago the greatest series ever premiered and has made my life so much better, every episode gives me something to look forward to and I’m grateful for it! #7Years7Kingdoms

— Anthony Fakhoury (@Anthony_DECA) April 17, 2018

Having scrolled through the responses, Mashable can confirm that there are 100% not enough Tywin moments.

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