Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner's latest Twitter exchange may be the sweetest yet  6/1/2017 10:04:24 AM   Sam Haysom

The Mophie fandom grows bigger and bigger by the day.

At this stage it's pretty much as unstoppable as one of Tyrion's comebacks, or a sword swung by the Mountain.

On Tuesday, a Sansa Stark fan account posted the following tweet:

The screengrabs show snapshots from interviews with Williams and Turner. In the first one they're asked who they think would make the best Queen of Westeros, and in the second they say who they think Ned would be proudest of.

Image: twitter/@sansatcrk

Image: twitter/@sansatcrk

To be fair, that is pretty adorable.

In response to that tweet, Turner retweeted it and tagged Williams with a little heart emoji.

And last night, Maisie responded:

Because you're everything to meh💜⭐️🌶

— Maisie Williams (@Maisie_Williams) May 31, 2017

If either Arya or Sansa die before Game of Thrones comes to an end, we quite honestly don't know what we'll do.

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