LG V30 release tipped after LG G6 Plus detailed

 slashgear.com  6/20/2017 3:10:25 PM 

Now that the LG G6 is a few months old, it’s time to begin looking forward to the next phone in LG’s V-series. Though there have been a few rumors here and there thus far, what we’ve heard about this incoming device has amounted to unsurprising details about internal. Today, new rumors are diving quite a bit deeper, with reported information on release and design.

ETNews has shared a lot of juicy details about this device. The first – and possibly most significant – is that LG will unveil the V30 during a press conference for IFA 2017. The press conference will be held the day before the conference gets underway, giving LG the duration of the show to offer previews of the device.

IFA 2017 kicks off on September 1, which means that if ETNews is correct, LG will debut the phone on August 31. Then, after about a gap of one or two weeks, the V30 will launch in Korea. No word on a US or European release date yet, but considering that the V20 launch in the US trailed its South Korean release by a few weeks, then we can probably expect the same here.

READ MORE: LG G6 vs LG G6 PlusIf you were hoping that LG’s decision to drop the removable battery in the G6 wouldn’t spread to the V30, we’ve got some bad news for you. Today’s report also says that the 3200mAh battery will be non-removable, breaking with a long-standing feature of LG phones. The upside, however, is that the V30 is said to feature an OLED display, a new ESS quad DAC, and IP68 water and dust resistance.

Much like it did with the G6, LG’s decision to roll with a non-removable battery seems to stem from the desire to give the phone a bezel-less design. We should see that same design returning in the V30, backed by hardware like a Snapdragon 835 and as much as 6GB of RAM.

As always, don’t take this report as gospel, but there are certainly some parts that are believable. Given the release schedule of previous V-series phones, it makes a lot of sense that LG would announce the phone at IFA 2017. We’ll just have to wait until autumn to find out what’s true and what isn’t.


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