LG G7 ThinQ shown off in clear press image

 techradar.com  4/17/2018 8:38:46 AM   Gareth Beavis

If you're wondering what's going on with the LG G7 ThinQ, then you're going to have a little more information rammed down your eyeballs, as a new press render has emerged.

It won't surprise you to know this leak came from dedicated leak-source @Evleaks, which shows the phone in a press shot environment and 'confirms' some of the key parts of the phone.

Obviously, we can't be sure this is the real phone until it emerges on May 2 (thanks for that one, LG), but such items from Evleaks have been reliable in the past, and it jives perfectly with the spy shots TechRadar exclusively published.

The render shows a phone with a rolling metal rim, a pronounced power button and a notch at the top of the screen - in short, it looks pretty strongly like an iPhone X, thanks to the curved design on the outside.

LG G7....ThinQ. pic.twitter.com/qEVKHbfGFdApril 17, 2018

What we can't see is the left-hand side of the phone - this could be by design, to not give away the artificial intelligence (AI) button that seems to be added in there in the shots we saw.

This would make sense, as the weird ThinQ branding that LG is adding to its line-up is related to AI smarts, making the phone more powerful by learning what's going on with you and helping improve picture quality or make relevant suggestions at the right time.

AI is a weird buzzphrase in the smartphone industry at the moment - definitions of what really counts as AI vary wildly depending on who you speak to. In reality a phone with an 'auto' mode on the camera has AI packed in, the sensor able to contextually analyze what's being shown.

Anyway, the new render shows that we're getting closer to that May 2 G7 ThinQ launch date (although time does work in that way, so you probably could have worked out that May 2 was getting nearer).

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