Lexington Bar and Books still working on tobacco license

 pagesix.com  05/23/2020 11:49:47   Mara Siegler

Uptown stogie haven Lexington Bar & Books could go up in smoke after failing to work out a deal with its landlord.

The NYC smoking ban began in 2003 and some bars were grandfathered in, but were told a license is attached to the location. A spokesman for the bar, David Wilder, explains, landlords have long used the current restriction on moving tobacco bar licenses to extract exorbitant commercial rents. He claims the landlord has showed us no mercy or relief.

The spot, thats been at the same location since the 90s, has had customers including Sean Penn, Kiefer Sutherland and Rudy Giuliani. The bar left the space April 30, but were told owner Raju Mirchandani is petitioning local pols for help getting a dispensation so we can get our [tobacco] license.

I know some people say yuck when you say smoking, but its a part of the citys history, Wilder said. At one time there was smoking everywhere. Gradually these places are going, going, gone, basically. These places represent pre-Bloomberg New York.

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